First Couple Weeks Living In Tokyo

Since we wrapped up our life in Boston, relocated to Tokyo, we have been in non-stop, daunting and stressful house hunting.

Our temporary apartment is annoyingly tiny, with old un-carpeted floors and cracking sound. However, located in Meguro (目黒), a luckily fantastic location, it offers wonderful access to a ton of vintage shops, cafes and restaurants. The corner of some of the cafes become my territory of study and writing. I become one of those frequent visitors of nearby bookstores. So far, we are in love with this postcard-perfect neighborhood. Continue reading “First Couple Weeks Living In Tokyo”

Goodbye Boston, Hello Tokyo!

Traveling back from the big easy (see here and here), we officially entered a crazy week of packing and countdown of leaving Boston.  Starting a new life in Tokyo is really exciting. We have spent the past one year and a half to plan, research and final making it happen! Continue reading “Goodbye Boston, Hello Tokyo!”

My Favorite Places In New Orleans

Having arrived in New Orleans for a few days, we have naturally made ourselves living like locals. We were busy with attending live Jazz music show at Preservation Hall, nibbling beignets and sipping coffee at Cafe du Monde, feasting gumbo at one of the hotel buffets at French Quarter.

There were a handful of spots that were truly beautiful and worth noticing. I snap shotted everything I loved while strolling down each nook and cranny of the city. Continue reading “My Favorite Places In New Orleans”

Arriving In Festive New Orleans

The end of this year has been pretty stressful – scrambling to plan out our new life and our big move for 2017.

To stretch our stiff body and relieve our tense mind, my girl friend Lan and I booked ourselves a trip down to the South – New Orleans! Continue reading “Arriving In Festive New Orleans”

Raspberry, Coconut And Lemon Cake

We have been craving for yummy and sweet cakes recently. Homemade, naturally sweet cake, with a trace of lemon! No corn syrups. No funny additives. No sugar bombs.

So I picked up a pint of fresh raspberries and gave a try. I borrowed some tips from Cookie And Kate’s blueberry lemon yogurt cake recipe, yet made quite a twist on my own, as well as simplified steps compared to her recipe.

It came out just as we hoped for, with strong, pleasant coconut flavor, and a punch of refreshing lemon smell. The pinky raspberries added lovely decorations too to my cake. Continue reading “Raspberry, Coconut And Lemon Cake”

Classic Beef Stew

I never mastered the technique of beef stew in the past. I used to dump the beef chunks in pressure cooker with a bunch of spices and sizzle for 20 minutes. Yet they came out dry, tasted like a piece of mop. Not until I found this recipe from the cooking lesson on did I nail the very classic way of beef stew.

After trying it a few times, I realized the secret of making it really delicious. It’s PATIENCE. Continue reading “Classic Beef Stew”

Shelburne Farms, Vermont

We woke up in Vermont’s glowing sunshine. Luckily the weather was much milder than previous day as we first arrived here.

After our warm energy breakfast at the inn, we headed straight to one of the best known farms in Vermont – Shelburne farms. They apparently appeared much quieter than summer. Continue reading “Shelburne Farms, Vermont”